Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Special hours today! BOTH shops will open at 10:30 am today. Many vendors are running big discounts to make room for incoming inventory for the new year Come in and enjoy the savings!!

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  1. VERY DISAPPOINTED - We loved & have purchased a lot of the items while shopping at both locations in Grand Rapid but had a bad experience this time & will never shop there again.... We shop antique/consignment quite a bit since we are in the design business & are well aware we are purchasing "used items"... But items are always in good condition unless noted otherwise on the price tag. We purchased a wooden graphic sign & after checking out as we walked to our car the item broke in half. Upon inspection of the item in the sunlight we could see it had been glued back together but not a good repair job. When we walked back in to show the counter staff the broken item & where it had obviously been glued before, they proceeded to call the owner. The owner informed them they would not take back this $10 item & then spoke with us on the phone upon which she informed us that she would not take back the defective item because when you shop at "Changing Thymes" it is clearly "BUYER BEWARE". She also made it clear she did not care whether we shopped at her business or not. It's hard to find good customer service these days & this was yet another disappointment...